Request a Homescreen?!

Yeah- I’ll try to make any sort of home screen you guys want, with whatever functions and or graphics/concepts you want me to build around.

This will all be done on android 6.0 marshmallow with a Galaxy Note5.


“I’d like to see a home screen that has a black background, with a single clock in the middle, analog style. I would also like a ‘list swipe actions/other stuff’ in there!”

I can only take 3. 


Android Is Superior to Apple! (Part 1)


First time you’ve seen this name pop up in a while, huh? Well haha, yeah, this boi is back. Xer. Im a cool kid now??? Nah, I’ve always been the best kid in town. Nahhh…. JK. So here we are- the debate of Android to Apple. I will be covering software in this one, and hardware comparisons of the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel in the next (along with some minor software features unique to each phone), but nevertheless, here are some reasons why Android is superior to Apple.

Side Note: I completely respect iOS for their beautifully designed iPads. I commend them on that- tablets are the only thing they are superior in.

this is a friendly debate 

Part 1: It’s all about that snazz. (Open Requests in the comments! Scroll to skip the argument to reach the bolded portion if interested!)

You might hear complaints on this one, but compared to Android, iOS completely fails to match the customization options to an Android phone. With iOS, all one has is a grid of apps, and oh, wait, maybe the option to create app folders.

What- THATS IT?!?!? I cant believe it! A plain boring grid of apps and folders for your home screen!? On my current setup, I have a funky castle with words instilled into the soil the castle is resting on.

There are two sentences verbally telling me my phones current status. “Now it’s 4:47 on Tuesday, 8 November, you are in (Location) and the weather is Clear with 51*F. The battery is Discharging and it’s at 33% with <3h of use.

All the important parts are bolded green. You swipe one over, and you see a to do list, right on the home screen, instilled in the soil. No need to open any pesky apps. The next page shows you the weather in the area for tomorrow and 3 days proceeding, including today. The final page is a simple calendar.

All of these widgets are transparent and appear to be inside the dirt. The best part? The background corresponds with the time of the day. At day, the background has sunshine and all of that stuff.  In the afternoon, there is a slightly tinted orange sky. At night, the background appears to be night time. I will be working to make the background correspond with current weather, as well.

Now let us get into the comparisons portion of this matter- iOS. With iOS, one may complain, “Hold on a minute, xer!”, “No one gives a poop about all the complex android mumbo jumbo!”

Well, let me tell you this- I commend Apple on simplicity. It is very simple for even ages 5-7  navigate throughout the pages. All of the applications- right there. BOOM! Snapchat. BOOM! Phone. BOOM! Messages. BOOM! Twitter. Apple is the better choice for youngsters who struggle with technology and senior citizens, without a doubt.

…However, if a teenager, or even an adult has no issue with technology- Android is far superior. With all sorts of customization options (shown by my homescreen), who would want boring old swipe and open apps? Does the provided example not sound just a tad bit cooler to you?

In proof of this, I will be hosting a small term open request list down in the comments. The idea is, an iOS user (must be using iOS primarily, or a small term iOS/Android user interested in the full power of Android) This open request list will be open from 11/11/16 15:00 CST to 12/1/16 22:50 CST

In retrospect, customization is the crowned jewel to Android- and any person with sense would see that Android conquers in this subject. Open Requests are available tomorrow.


Wallpaper credit goes to Kxnt. 

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