Why I can’t report about my Singapore trip until August

Because I’m going to Singapore in July, but the law there fines you thousands of dollars and gives you jail time if you decide to connect to someone else’s wi-fi, and we’re not sure if that applies to hotels or not.

Can someone Asian, cough cough, Daniel, cough cough, enlighten me on this topic?



Still looking forward to my #Singapore trip despite the tougher laws there. 🙂


The Muslim Ban May Be Extended To…MY Parent’s Former Homeland? Now it’s personal.

According to some sources, such as The Independent UK, Times of India, and of course my aid who was watching the news a night ago – The #MuslimBan MAY be expanded to 3 other Muslim majority countries.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan.

And I happen to be — dun dun dun, Pakistani.

As I stated in my previous post though, I am a U.S. citizen and have been since I was born in Illinois, one of 50 states in the U.S.

Now the Muslim Ban is personal.

While before I was against it because it affected other people who practice my religion, I’m against it even more so because if this ban is extended to these countries it will affect MY FAMILY.

I’d still be able to leave the country for vacations, but people in my family with visas cannot. My family overseas can’t visit me, and my family’s families can’t visit each other.

The Pakistani community in the United States is one of the fastest growing communities in the country, due to Pakistanis being tired of the conflict between the conservative Islamic government and the terrorist organization, The Taliban.

The Pakistani community is mainly present in New York City, New Jersey, Chicago and Houston.

And we have a voice too.

Did you know my cousins were in Lahore, a city in Pakistan, on the same day of the Lahore attacks targeting Christians, yet killing both the Christian and Muslim communities?

They luckily weren’t witnesses of the tragedy in Lahore, but they could’ve been. Thank goodness they are in the United States now.

Did you know that Muslims die to the Taliban if they do not support them on their quest to dominate the Pakistani government and push back into Afghanistan? And that Christians and Hindus are mass murdered in Pakistan by the Taliban regularly?

Worst off, did you know – that in Pakistan, ISIS wants to ramp up their presence?

We already have one bad terrorist organization ruining the lives of Pakistanis and we don’t need another.

And don’t even get me started on the strategic locations for terrorists to hide in Pakistan – or the bribes terrorists give to government officials that often involve targeting India.

I hate the Taliban as much as I hate ISIS, but I now deeply disrespect Trump for even considering extending the ban to more countries including my family’s own homeland before they came to America.

I may not see my relatives for a long time and my relatives may not see theirs for a long time either.

Pakistanis, Egyptians, and Saudi Arabians may never get a chance to live the American dream.

And this is all because Muslims got stereotyped as terrorists just because al-Qaeda, a WEAK terrorist group now, attacked us in New York a few weeks before I was born.

Do you understand my pain? As a person who, stands up for America even in their worst times?

Who despite not liking Donald Trump, refused to leave America? Because I love America?

Not all Muslims are terrorists. There are good and bad people in every religion, every country and every race.

And I am only glad about one thing – I am one of the good guys.


#MuslimBan – Reactions from a Muslim gamer.

Yo what’s up gaming nation badatgaming130 here and welcome to MY reactions to the #MuslimBan uproar.

WHAT THE -never mind, I can’t swear- WAS DONALD TRUMP THINKING? Doesn’t he know that his #MuslimBan that he’s been proposing since December 9, 2015, is unconstitutional, and WRONG?

Look let me give you some info.

I was born into a Muslim family. I’m not particularly religious, to the point where I have had a brief stint as an athiest for 6 months due to me questioning God, before converting back to Islam.

But where was I born? If one were to take a look at the top 5 Muslim-populated countries, one would think of one of these following countries:

India (yes, I’m aware India is Hindu-majority, but India has a large Muslim population as well)

Nope. I was born in the United States of America. I’ve lived here my whole life and I love it here. Almost everything here is amazing!

Have I been physically violent before? Well, as a kid who just didn’t know how to properly deal with anger, sadness, or just plain out expression, yes. I have been.

Am I Muslim? Yes.

Does this mean I’m automatically a terrorist?


The California attacks that were carried out in 2015 were, yes, carried out by Muslims, but they were mentally ill.

Paris attacks, Brussels attacks, yes, were carried out by Muslims, but they were not doing any favors for my religion. They in fact, were terrorists.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget the Lahore attacks that happened last year, which were carried out by Muslims. (Yes, they killed other Muslims, even though they were targeting Christians. And they didn’t even feel ashamed of it.)

But the problem with Muslims isn’t that a lot of us are “terrorists”.

In fact, the problem is, out of 1.6 billion Muslims, a majority of us ARE peaceful human beings who just want to co-exist with the rest of society, whether we live with other Muslims, Christians, Jews, or whatever your religion is – (No disrespect intended to any religion I didn’t mention, it’d just take forever to list all of them) – a small sliver of Muslims are terrorists.

And while that number does grow, so does the number of Muslims who ARE peaceful.

And why? Why is the number growing for Muslims who are peaceful? Because in the Islamic book, known as “The Qu’ran”, similarly to how Christians have “The Bible” and Jews have “The Torah”, we teach peace and tolerance to all religions.

There is even a FREAKING verse in The Qu’ran that specifies that killing other people is wrong. So ISIS, Taliban, and al-Qaeda do NOT represent the interests of over a billion Muslims all over the world.

Now to the political aspect of this situation.

Donald Trump has banned people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Egypt from entering the United States. And ONLY if they are Muslim. If you’re Christian, come on in!

And of course, Donald Trump’s administration has proposed, extending this ban to more countries.

But here’s the sad part – it’s only been a day. And he’s already torn up Muslim families, helped ISIS with their recruiting campaign unintentionally, and caused havoc at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City.

While the solution for some may be our neighbors to the north, Canada, I propose that Donald Trump immediately reverses this executive order.

ISIS will use this for their advertising campaign, and this will play into the hands of terrorists. “America hates Muslims. Come help us fight America!” or something stupid like that.

Families have already been torn apart. Airlines are struggling to update their website with the new policy. People who shouldn’t even be affected by the ban who’s country isn’t even on the list, are being detained.

I am ashamed of Donald Trump.

I really hope he can understand the true nature of what pain he’s caused to the Muslim community.

Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, and others. What do you think of my perspective of the #MuslimBan? What’s YOUR opinion? What do you think Trump should do?

– badatgaming130